by Jenn LoConte

With the spring home sale season right around the corner, NOW is the time to take advantage of a brand new program offered only at DLP Realty.

For over 10 years, DLP Realty has been offering the 68 day home sale guarantee, selling thousands of homes and allowing thousands of people the ability to move to the home of their dreams with NO stress or worry. In 2018, DLP Realty is pumping up their marketing machine to sell your home even faster! Now, through March 31st, DLP Realty will sell your home in only 34 days or we will buy it, guaranteed.

CEO and President Don Wenner of Dream Live Prosper comments, “At DLP, our realty experts know that the early spring market is the best time to sell your home and we can solve the ‘Catch-22 of real estate’ by offering this exciting, risk-free program, in half the time.”

What is the “Catch-22″ of real estate? This dilemma often occurs when you are deciding whether to buy another property first or sell your own home first. If you buy first, you run the risk of owning two homes, meaning two mortgages, and taxes on two properties. Or, if you sell your home first, you’re now left with nowhere to live. You may be forced to find temporary housing for you and your family, move in with other family members, or make a hasty decision on a property that you might not even like.

 Fortunately, with the 34 day home sale guarantee from DLP Realty, you don’t have to worry about the “Catch 22.” You can be confident that your house will sell, and you can move to the home of your dreams, stress-free!  

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